What I learn in my first violin music lesson: Parts of a violin

September 28th, 2014

A few weeks ago, I joined my cousin in his music lesson. He took the violin lesson, and as he is a brand new beginner, he invites me to sit into his class too. His teacher is quite friendly, and doesn’t mind me sitting in. I just introduced myself as his cousin, and the teacher is happy for me to join too. Also maybe, he hopes that I may be interested to join my cousin for her class in the long run too.

Anyway, from just a 30min violin lesson, even though I didn’t manage to play the violin music, but I did quite learn a bit about the violin itself! I never know much about the violin, other than knowing that it is a musical instrument. I want to share with you what I have learned in the class right here.

Are you new to violin? Then this is a good place to start. Before you even learn how to play the violin, you must first be well familiar with various parts of the violin and the specific functions of those parts.

Now you might already know the main parts of the violin such as the neck, belly (front of the violin), back and ribs (the sides of the violin) (named just like a human body.) But do you know there are many other little parts of violin. And this is what my cousin who has gone to his first violin lesson in Singapore last Sunday and the private violin tutor has also taught me the name of these parts.




There are mainly another 10 parts of the violin, which includes the following:
Scroll – A scroll is a decorative part, positioned at the top of the violin and are mostly hand carved.
Peg-box – This is where the tuning pegs are inserted. The pegs are adjusted to tune the violin and to make sure that the instrument is tune to the correct pitch.
Nut – This is to keep the distance of the strings and supports the strings so that it has a good height from the fingerboard.

Strings – It is pretty obvious that a violin has 4 strings that are tuned a fifth apart. The violin strings consists of G string, D string, A string and E string.
Fingerboard – It is a strip of wood on the neck of the violin where the strings are. When a violinist plays, he presses down the strings on the fingerboard, thus changing the pitch.
Bridge – The position of the bridge is essential as it directly relates to the quality of sound produced by the violin. The bridge is held in place by the strings’ tension. When the string vibrates, the bridge also vibrates.
Sounding Post – It is located under the bridge and is use to support the pressure inside the violin. The bridge and sounding post are directly related, when the violin vibrates, the bridge, body and sounding post vibrates as well.
F Holes – Is located in the middle of the violin. It is called F Hole because it is shaped like an F in Italics. It allows sound to come out of the violin. Altering the F Hole, such as its length, can affect the sound of the violin.
Tailpiece – Holds the strings so that it has a good distance from the bridge.
Chin Rest – It helps the violinist hold the instrument in place. While playing, the violinist can use his chin to hold the violin, thus freeing up his hands.

So there you go, these are the name and main function of the different parts of the violin. Feel free to comment below if you have any new comments regarding this article. And I would like to say thank you to my cousin’s violin tutor and the tutor himself, for sharing his great violin performing experience with me.

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The Most Important Quality in a Piano Teacher

September 13th, 2014

We talked about finding a private piano teacher at our blog previously. From then, I received some feedback from people that the article did actually gave them some help in finding a good piano teacher for lessons. Anyway, if you have benefitted from our help, thank you so much for supporting us by coming to our blog too!

Meanwhile, I want to talk about the most important quality in a piano teacher today. You see, in a small country like Singapore, there are be many piano teachers. There are junior ones, there are senior ones. There are those who won lots of awards, and there are those who have performed internationally.

So when you come to choose a good teacher for yourself, how can you choose the one that is for you? You can have the teacher with lots of awards or fame, or you can have a teacher that is focused on making you or your son as the best pianist they can ever be.

But that’s not the point. If you are going to find a piano teacher, you must really find one that possess this quality:


Now you may say, “Patience? It is already a given in most teachers!”.

You’re wrong. Not every teacher has patience!

When a teacher has patience, he will understand that a student will face difficulty in learning, and sometimes, it is not the fault of the student that he doesn’t improve much. It just that he needs more time.

When the teacher has patience, he will understand that they will keep making mistakes over and over again, and the teacher needs to know that it is part of the learning process.

When a teacher has patience, he will not rush through teaching the student from topics to topics, hoping to advance quickly. He will instead focus on building a strong foundation for the students first before advancing.

But now the question is… how can you know if your teacher has patience?

piano teacher patience(do you have the patience to teach a student piano and see him grow, just like how you patiently groom a seed to bloom?)

Before you engage the teacher, do a light background check on the teacher. Does the teacher has other students that you can contact? Is the teacher referred to you by your friends? Ask them how the teacher is, and most importantly, ask the students how they find the teacher.

Next, seek permission to sit inside the class. Watch and listen to how the teacher teaches. Is he patient in teaching you or your child? Is he listening to concerns bring up by the students, or is he brushing off all the problems so that he can say what he wants to say?

Lastly, if your child is the one attending the class, ask how is he finding the teacher. A young child will hardly lie when ask about his opinions. They will always say it as it is, very bluntly. Hence, when you ask for feedback about his teacher, you can be assured that his words are true. If he complains to you about the teacher, then I can say your child is probably right.

Patience is really important for a teacher. A teacher who can’t hold his temper will frighten the child, and worse, cause the child to give up on learning piano FOREVER. It is a painful thing to watch when your child gives up, because of a teacher.

As quoted by Valerie, a piano teacher in Singapore, she stated that “Patience is probably the most important quality a teacher must have in teaching music to students, especially young children. They are eager to learn, but because of their age, they can make lots of mistakes. As a teacher, if you cannot be patient enough to correct their mistakes, you can kill their young dreams easily, just by being harsh and impatient to them”.

If you would like to find out more about Valerie and her piano classes, then you can check out here website at ValeriePianoStudio.com: Piano Lessons In Singapore by Valerie Chan.

To all parents who are enrolling their kids to tuition classes, or anyone who are looking to pick up a new skill, be it piano, singing, or even speaking a new language, find a teacher who has the patience to teach you and groom you!

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7 Trick Art Images That Are Truly AMAZING!

September 10th, 2014

There is a trend that is going around in the world. Maybe I’m late, maybe I’m not. Trick Art is making its round and people are going crazy over them! Now, just look at these 7 amazing images that got me to keep looking at them, non stop!

There are many trick art museums in the world. If I’m correct, it started somewhere in Asia. (Is it South Korea?). Whatever it is, I think you can say it is one of the places you must visit when you travel to a country next time! Now, enjoy these 7 images!








All photos do not belong to me. They are collected from Google Images. Just google ‘Trick Art’ and you will get tons of them! Of course, my plan is to visit the museums, and not just view them online!

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Building a team like a music conductor

September 7th, 2014

Before I begin to share my thoughts of leadership in the music scene, here’s a youtube video of the life of a music conductor.

The life of a music conductor is never easy. When you look at the number of top musicians he has to handle to put an orchestra together, you have to give him 100% respect for that. For once, you don’t know how much ego issues that the conductor has to manage, given there are many top musicians in an orchestra.

Building a team is not easy. You can go for Singapore team building to build your local team, or send them for some training, hoping that they will learn a thing or two about working in a team. However, even though those programs can help a team to bond and gel together, ultimately, it has to come down to the leadership abilities of the conductor.

So how do you actually lead like a conductor?

Here’s another video that will give you deep insights into how conductors lead.

I’m sure this will give you a new perspective to learning about leadership from the music scene. Too many people turn to business and political leaders for leadership and team building insights. But not many turn to the music scene. I know, it may not be directly relevant to what you are doing, unless you are a conductor yourself.

But that’s the thing. You need to shift your eyes to something different from your industry to learn more from others, so you can apply them back in your own industry!

Hope you enjoy the videos. I will be back to sharing more about team leadership right here. I want to thank SongZhuangArt.com for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts on music leadership here. If you would like to contact me to find out more about teambuilding or trainings for teams in particular, do find me up at teamtrainingsingapore.com.

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Art of Shooting The Best Wedding Photography

August 17th, 2014

Wedding Photography, like all other types of photography, is an art by itself. Many people thought photography is just about using a camera to take some photos. Yea, it can be defined in that way. But how well the photo turned out depends a lot on the skills of the photographer, and of course, the quality of the camera.

Recently I had a chance to interview a few photographer friends who are in this line of wedding photography for quite a well. They are experienced people and has helped many wedding couples captured beautiful and memorable moments on their BIG day.

I asked them, what is the one fact that people hire them for photography shots, when they can get many ‘free’ and ‘upcoming’ photographers?

Without any doubt, my friend Jack answered “They hire me because I can do the best job for them. That’s simple. They can get many ‘free’ wannabes to help them shoot, but they have to be responsible for any poor works that are produced.”

Another of my experienced friend, TJ of ThatPhotographer.sg answered “Wedding day is the most important day for a couple. There are no second chances for a wedding shoot. Either you do it well on that day, or you will regret it forever. That’s why hiring a professional wedding photographer is so important. You can have friends helping you to take for free, but the best photoshoots must come from a professional.”

As you can see, the art of taking awesome photographs come with rich experience. We have not gone over to discussion of using different camera tools and lens to ensure the best shoot too.

The complete package of both the skills of the photographer with high expertise in usage of the advanced tools help in ensuring the best photographs of the wedding couple is produced on the day.

Let’s check out some of the photos taken below. Wedding Photos below belong to ThatPhotographer.sg.






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Finding a good piano teacher in Hong Kong

January 25th, 2014

There are many teachers out there. Some are teaching in schools, some are giving private music classes from home. With so many piano teachers in Hong Kong, how do you which one to choose?

If you want to look for a good piano teacher in Hong Kong, then I suggest you read this article carefully. Choosing the right one will help you save lots of time and money, and of course, helps you to learn the piano faster and easier. That’s even better, isn’t it?

1. Find an experienced one. 

You have to find an experienced teacher who can teach you for the long term. An experienced teacher won’t use you, the student, to test out his teaching techniques. She already has the proven techniques to pass on the music skills to you.

2. Find a patient one. 

A patient teacher can go a long way to help you feel comfortable in enjoying the learning process of the piano. As Hong Kong can be a stressful society, people want to learn piano just to relax, and also probably to pick up a skill to make music. A patient teacher will guide you step by step, even if you are learning slowly.

3. Find a committed one. 

There’s no point in getting a teacher who can only teach you for 6 months. As much as you want to learn fast, you still need some time to pick up the basics and the advanced playing techniques. No matter how experienced the teacher can be, the learning capabilities still depends on the student. If you have a committed teacher, she will be able to help you until you are able to play well.

Looking for piano lessons in Hong Kong? Come visit experienced piano teacher, Annie, at her website: www.hkpianoteacher.com now!

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How To Play Violin Like A Pro?

August 6th, 2013

how to play violin Whenever we see violinists performing on stage, and charming the whole crowd, we violinists always wonder “How can I play the violin so powerfully like him?” If you’re wondering that the professional violinist is a really talented violinist from young, and you may never play like him ever, then I have a message for you.

You can play your violin like him too!

If you want to learn how to play violin like a pro, then here are three tips for you. Regardless you have just started playing the violin, or learning for a long period of time, this information will help you to improve your skills.

1. Discipline

The violinists on stage looks glamorous and spectacular. However, nobody sees how much work and practice he has put below the stage. No body sees how much sacrifice and discipline he has to put in to make sure he got all his music and notes correct before he go up to perform. All this takes discipline. If you check with the pros, you will know that they put in hours and hours of practice everyday to improve their skills, and not the attitude of ‘practice whenever I like’.

2. Determined

They are determined and focused on mastering a piece, perfecting every part of it before jumping on to the next piece. Amateur violinists play a piece once and then stop playing it, even though they may not have perfected playing the piece. However, every professional violinist make sure they have tackled the piece fully before proceeding. That is about determination.

3. Detailed

Great violinists are also detailed in their practice. You may see that many people preach about practice your violin, practice your violin, practice your violin! However, the issue is, how to practice? If you’ve seen how professional practice, they practice in super fine details. They examine all little parts of the music before they move on.

Want to play the violin like a pro? Then make you know the 3Ds which make a great violinist! To find out more on how to play violin like a pro, get more information at www.Violinmusicschool.net !

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Violin Strings Review : Which one to buy?

July 19th, 2013

In our last post, we talk about the piano. Today, let’s talk about a different musical instrument – the Violin! The Violin is another popular musical instrument played world-wide, for hundreds of years! Many people in the world want to learn violin. However, there’s always a question asked by many learners: How to buy violin strings?

I know you may ask “What about the violin?” Yes. That’s a main issue too, but usually, the violin teacher will help the learner to get their first violin. However, not many teacher get violin strings for them! So how do you get yourself educated on violin strings? Which brand of strings do you really need for your violin?

violin strings reviewBefore buying anything, we will first recommend you to read up violin strings review, to find out more about each and every string that is available in the market. Only by looking through all the products available, then you can narrow down your choice to a few strings, and then select the best one for your instrument.

There are many string reviews out there that share with you the usability of the strings, the experience, and of course, the cost! Some other reviews may touch on sound, the suitability on the violin, and the material used to make the violin. Whatever information you can get, just learn more about it, as you may need the strings in the future.

When buying a violin string, it is important to see what are your needs. Are you buying a string just to use it as a spare copy? Or do you want to fix it on a million-dollar violin ready for performance? Both are strings, but the uses are different. Pick the right kind of strings for the right occasion is hence very important.

How about cost? Yes, they may be a considering point, but don’t be held back by the price. Cheap strings may cost less, but they may not do the work that you expect. It will be better if you use reputable ones that deliver. They may cost more, but at least they are worth it! Get a new string brand today!

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How To Find Private Piano Teacher Singapore

July 16th, 2013

Piano is a popular instrument in Singapore, and many people wants to learn piano! Be it adults or kids, piano lessons are in demand here. Previously, piano schools are the busy ones taking in piano students, however, more and more students are going for private piano teachers for lessons now!

Private piano teacher Singapore are in huge demand for lessons, as more and more people wants to learn this beautiful instrument. However, the question is not many people know how to find them! People love private piano teachers because of the flexibility of the lessons according to the student. If the student is a fast learner and am able to pick up skills quite fast, the private piano teacher and move on fast to his/her speed. If the student needs more time to learn, the teacher can slow down for him or her too!

That is why private piano lessons are so popular! You cannot do this in a school lesson with a couple of other students in your class. If you are learning in a class, you would likely have to follow the speed of learning as your group of classmates. It will be great if you can keep up the pace of learning, but if you can’t, you have to fall off the learning curve.

So how can you find a great teacher to teach you?

Here are the 3 methods you can consider:

private piano teacher singapore

1) Ask a friend who knows a piano teacher. This is probably the best way to get a teacher, through word of mouth. If your friend has learn lessons with the teacher before, that’s even better! Your friend can share with you his learning experience too.

2) Find a private piano teacher online. With the internet, you can find a teacher easily. Just look for an experienced, patient, and qualified teacher to help you. Before you sign up for lesson, you may also want to request a trial lesson if you are comfortable with the teaching style.

3) Get a piano agency to find a teacher for you. That’s probably the simplest, but may not be effective, as agencies are only matching teachers and students, and you the student, may have to accept any teacher selected for you.

That’s all! Enjoy Piano!

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Benefits of learning arts and music

July 12th, 2013

Arts and music makes our life wholesome. We all love listening to music. You love music, I love music. Some of us go a notch higher. We create our own music that we love! Have you wondered why music is loved by so many people in the world? This is the same for arts. Arts has been regarded as something that is abstract, and not everyone can understand.

However, it’s also something that is widely popular, and favorited by many people. Again, why are there so many artists in the world? Probably to find out the answer, we have to see what are the benefits of learning arts and music.

If you know a skill or two about arts or music, either in drawing or playing some musical instruments, it must be that your parents have seen the benefits of you learning music that will help you when you grow older. Research has shown that arts and music is available to everybody, and it can be done by everybody!

One of the main benefits of learning arts or music, is to be cultured person when we grow up. A cultured person will be someone who has the right manners when communicating with others. It is also said that someone who is cultured, will be less likely to be lead astray, to do illegal things, or actions that will hard the society. Of course there may be exceptions, but most people who are into arts and music have inspired many, and helped contribute to the society in many ways.

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