How To Play Violin Like A Pro?

August 6th, 2013

how to play violin Whenever we see violinists performing on stage, and charming the whole crowd, we violinists always wonder “How can I play the violin so powerfully like him?” If you’re wondering that the professional violinist is a really talented violinist from young, and you may never play like him ever, then I have a message for you.

You can play your violin like him too!

If you want to learn how to play violin like a pro, then here are three tips for you. Regardless you have just started playing the violin, or learning for a long period of time, this information will help you to improve your skills.

1. Discipline

The violinists on stage looks glamorous and spectacular. However, nobody sees how much work and practice he has put below the stage. No body sees how much sacrifice and discipline he has to put in to make sure he got all his music and notes correct before he go up to perform. All this takes discipline. If you check with the pros, you will know that they put in hours and hours of practice everyday to improve their skills, and not the attitude of ‘practice whenever I like’.

2. Determined

They are determined and focused on mastering a piece, perfecting every part of it before jumping on to the next piece. Amateur violinists play a piece once and then stop playing it, even though they may not have perfected playing the piece. However, every professional violinist make sure they have tackled the piece fully before proceeding. That is about determination.

3. Detailed

Great violinists are also detailed in their practice. You may see that many people preach about practice your violin, practice your violin, practice your violin! However, the issue is, how to practice? If you’ve seen how professional practice, they practice in super fine details. They examine all little parts of the music before they move on.

Want to play the violin like a pro? Then make you know the 3Ds which make a great violinist! To find out more on how to play violin like a pro, get more information at !

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  1. Female Piano Teacher

    Playing the violin is just like playing the piano… is takes a lot of practice to play it well! I’m so glad you share with us about this informaiton on violin playing. I can use it to relate to piano playing for my students too!

    This is what I do. You can check out my site at for more info!

    Love to be back again!